Emerging from Hibernation

Google Docs v Powerpoint

After I finished my OU course looking at using emerging technology in class and as part of online learning I took a bit of a break from blogging but although it’s cold outside the elearning urge is coming back to life.

I am very keen on getting my students (trainee teachers and trainers) to produce work collaboratively. For example, one of my programmes gets them working together in class for a day, producing one joint response to some questions about how they teach inclusively. They produce a joint end-product, usually a long powerpoint either with presenter notes for adding extra detail or even a voice-over. I believe that the peer learning which goes on when the students are hammering out their joint response to the questions is really excellent.

Two students in another group were given the option of producing a collaborative outcome, and they chose to use Google Docs. I have always thought it was perfectly reasonable for me to insist on my trainee teachers using Powerpoint but I shied away from suggesting anything like Google Docs as it requires users to be registered with Google – and I know that some of my students would see that as a barrier.

I would like to hear from you if you have used ppt, Google Docs,Padlet or any other platform to get your students collaborating, whether in class or online.



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