eBooks: how do they work?

Some of my programmes are face-to-face, classroom-based, others largely online. For students on both platforms, access to sources of information and research is important. A few years ago there was a conflict between the online nature of a programme and the fact that students still needed to attend a library to access those sources. With the advent of ebooks that is not really an issue (though there will still be a huge role for physical books for a long time yet, especially as some students express a preference for hard copy and in the interests of inclusivity we can’t ignore that.)

Anyway, all of this is just a preamble to me wondering how other tutors go about helping their students use ebooks effectively and painlessly. Has anyone produced brief guidelines about how to navigate your way via the different routes to ebooks? My own college is working hard at this and access to ebooks is generally effective, but students tell me it is confusing that there are so many different publishers with different systems. How do you help your students?


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