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Exploring the Association for Learning Technology website and catching up on this year’s annual conference has turned out to be more interesting than I expected. I wonder how I can make use of some of the features with my own work.

  • is there scope for me to build up a library of my own YouTube videos? I don’t make ‘presentations’ as such though. Maybe I could video snatches of my sessions?
  • the buttons linking to Twitter etc. This might help get to the people who are missing out on my fantastically interesting blog posts. How do I add these buttons?
  • really interesting is the page of links to blogs which comment on the conference. But some people do blog at excessive length, I think. Get your point across!
  • the ALTC monthly community call is a good idea for networking.
    Actually, I don’t go to conferences any more. That is partly because my college has a strong programme of in-house CPD and also because I work part-time now. I shall make more effort to engage with online resources like these from ALT.

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