Changing my mind about mind maps

I have long been quite sceptical about mind maps, partly because I remember finding them very fiddly to produce and also because they didn’t seem to repay the time spent on them.

That may be about to change. I have produced a mind map using Goconqr (formerly Examtime) which seemed pretty intuitive and which I think has actually helped me get an overview of the assessment requirements of the H818. I think it is possible that I shall be able to use this mind map to plan my work more systematically, keeping an eye on the many factors I need to bear in mind.

I don’t know if I shall be confident enough to use the facility which enables me to attach files to each node (box) of the mind map. In theory, that would be a great way of organising my bits of paper and files – but it remains to be seen if I go for that!

If you are interested, here is the mind map:


One comment

  1. Thanks for the introduction to this tool – I hadn’t heard of it until now. I like Poppet but you only get 10 free and then you have to pay – it’s not much but still. The other issue I’ve had with Poppet is that occasionally it goes down and I’ve been unable to access my mindmaps – very annoying if you want to use one with students or to access a plan for an assignment. I’m a huge fan of them – always have been – I think my brain works in that way rather than in a more linear way. I also find it so much easier to add things or show/see connections between things than when you do linear notes/brainstorming, etc.

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