Can online feedback be effective?

Can feedback to students in online courses be effective? or something along those lines.
Plan for preparation and research 200 words
  • should I use examples of feedback from my own practice?
  • interview a colleague who has used video feedback?
  • consult sources from previous modules (if I can find them!)
  • consult peers on H818 about detailed aspects of the proposal
Topic and scope 200 words
  • What is a learning dialogue with students?
  • what are the characteristics of an effective feedback process?
  • how can they be achieved online?
  • what technology is readily available and what are its pros and cons?
  • are there some students who will not benefit from audio/video feedback?
4 main sources of information 200 words
Rationale for format 100 words
  • Not sure about format yet. I need to decide on the audience.
  • Some people have mentioned ebooks so I shall explore how that might work.
New skills required 100 words
  • making podcasts and videocasts needs to become routine
  • ability to convey feedback orally in a supportive way
  • striking balance between style and substance
Existing skills to be used  100 words
  • I have been devising and delivering online programmes for 2 years
  • Some experience of podcasts and video casts
  • ongoing feedback practice
Areas of uncertainty or risk  100 words
  • How will I know if the forms of online feedback I look at are successful or not?
  • I need to ensure that I don’t just draw conclusions based only on my own experience.

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