Decisions, decisions!

We have been asked to mull over possible topics for our conference project on the OU H818 course working towards the MA in Open and Distance Education. There is quite a lot of overlap between the 3 themes but I have tried to come up with some possibilities for each. No prizes for noticing that I am interested in practice to do with interaction in the learning process, and looking at ways of making the feedback process more effective.


  • case study on how non-academic students on my teacher-training courses can be supported
  • production of a potted guide to accessibility for inclusion in my teacher-training courses
  • ……


  • using reflective journal posts to improve¬†tutor-student and student-student dialogue
  • what are the principles of running effective online tutorials?
  • how can collaborative student work be facilitated using digital technology?


  • using video casts for giving students feedback
  • developing the use of discussion forums to maximise student interaction
  • using a studio approach to improve the learning process

Have you any experience of any of these?



  1. They all sound potentially very interesting. I’m a little biased on accessibility issues. It’s not that I don’t think it’s important. It’s just that accessibility of online courses is all the rage at the moment, yet you go into most brick colleges/unis and they have thick pile carpet that makes propelling a wheelchair something akin to wading through waist-deep treacle. Of course the unseen disabilities are still important and we should be making courses more inclusive but not at the expense of the humble wheelchair user.

    • Mmmm! That’s interesting. I feel I do not do accessibility justice in my Initial Teacher Training so I am keen to devise a session which will go some way to helping my trainees have a strategy which will be useful. I can see that all the fancy technology in the world doesn’t help if you can’t get your wheelchair to where you need to be – but don’t you think that some of the technology does offer some potentially useful fixes?
      Maybe accessibility is too big a topic to include neatly in my courses. But we look at equality and diversity, which is another potentially vast subject.

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