Becoming a digital practitioner!

Starting H818 the OU Digital Practitioner
I’m looking forward to experiencing more technology but, as always when I start this kind of course, I shall try to keep a sense of proportion with the bewildering array of apps and fancy gizmos.It’s easy to feel that others are more into the latest offerings but I shall try not to confuse the medium with the message. As with any teaching resource I think you should only use it if it helps you get your learners to the desired objectives and not just because it has some snazzy facility.

I like the strong collaborative element in H818 as it will enable me to get more ideas for getting my own students working together online. At the moment in my courses we are using:

Discussion forums
Online tutorials using Webex
Student collaborations using Webex
Wikis (a bit!)
Padlet (still working on this)
Do you have any more ideas?


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