Barriers to accessibility

  1. Given that Windows seems to be the standard vehicle for producing accessible courses (correct me if I’m wrong!), the fact that I use a Mac made me constantly worry about whether links etc would open properly
  2. I use Blackboard so I have a ready-made vehicle; for H810 I was unsure which vehicle to use.
  3. I have read contradictory advice about the suitability of using the PDF format.
  4. I need to learn more about adding captions. Is it possible to add captions automatically (i.e. like a kind of speech-to-text facility)? I added captions to a video clip I uploaded to YouTube but I had to type in the captions)
  5. I do not know what HTML is but it seems to be useful for accessibility. I read that:Images without an alt attribute are likely to be inaccessible. Is an ‘alt attribute’ a description of an image written underneath or is it something more technical?

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