Time to Rationalise my Social Media

  1. Now that my OU course is coming to an end I shall concentrate my periodic blogging activity here on WordPress
  2. I am discussing with JISC South West ways of improving my links with other practitioners , especially those in Further Education who have an interest in using online technology. JISC have an online ‘newspaper’ which I like the look of.
  3. I am thinking of starting a Google+ community for people in FE who want to collaborate and share ideas and materials.
  4. If I ever get to the point where I understand how Twitter might help me (ideas on a post to me please!) I have a feeling it may be useful

I think 4 vehicles for keeping in touch are probably as many as I would be able to keep up with. What do you think?


One comment

  1. Sound ideas as always, John. I particularly like the idea of a UK wide FE network, I am surprised this doesn’t exist yet. Twitter sounds more realistic to me for maintaining an informal network. G+ I think could go two ways: either only a handful of people getting involved, or it goes completely out of control (the way the block 2 G+ stuff did).

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