Wiley, FE and speedy learning

There seems to be an infinite range of models ranging from the MIT approach,which is very centralised and which seems to make just about all the MIT’s courses available, to the Rice Connexions model which seems to be self-organising and very diverse.

Issues for an FE college:

  • would we offer courses for teachers or learners or both?
  • would we offer free mini-courses as a kind of taster which might entice learners onto fee-paying courses?
  • who would produce and post the materials in the first case?
  • would there be anyone keeping an eye on what learners were doing?
  • is Terry Anderson right that we should consider offering cut-price, low budget versions of some courses (Ryanair model)?
  • is there scope for Dholakei’s Foundation Model, where a college develops a niche interest in its region, based on a commercial sector, vocational area or local activity, and then seeks funding from that vocational area?

….and can you think of other possibilities?


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